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The story that we will focus on this Sunday is about Zacheus - a tax collector who has a conversation with Jesus that radically changes his life.  We don't know all the particulars of the conversation, and it may be that there are assumptions that we have made about Zacheus that change how we actually understand the story.  However, the story describes a man who is rich, who is in the position of taxing those who are very poor, and who appears to make a radical shift in how he treats those who living with very difficult financial realities.  I wonder what Jesus said to lead to that change of heart?  It led me to think about those people who have provoked or prodded me into thinking about life differently.  11 years ago Dexter asked, very innocently, "Have you ever thought about moving to a church in Saskatchewan?"  That question led me to look at some of the options in this province, and I eventually found my way to Sunset.  Sometimes our lives take surprising twists and turns, and often they are provoked by the questions we ask one another.  Who are the people in your life that open your eyes to a new path?  What is it that gives you the courage to take a step in a new direction?  What is it that holds you back?  Those are the questions that I will continue to ponder as I head out to a Presbytery meeting today, and then work my way towards my sermon for tomorrow morning.  May God grace us all with the wisdom and the inspiration we need to find the words we need to speak!

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