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Kathy's spiritual meanderings...

I was reading an article by David Lose - a Lutheran theologian - reflecting on Palm Sunday.  He said that we need to remember that the parade into Jerusalem was not a 1st century version of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.  When Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey, he was making both a theological and a political statement.  He was reminding people of a God whose love was stronger than death - and a God whose love breaks down all the barriers that we construct to keep us separate from one another.  There are times when the political forces in our world - both then and now - work hard to keep us in our proper "categories" - the rich and the poor; the various ethnicities in their own neighbourhoods; the various religions all separate in their own places of worship.  One of the books I have on my shelf is by Archbishop Desmond Tutu entitled God's dream.  There is this wonderful picture of a circle of children all holding hands, and reaching out to welcome in 2 other children who are running up to join them.  The caption reads:  "Each of us carries a piece of God's heart within us.  And when we love one another, the pieces of God's heart are made whole."  As we gather on Sunday, my prayer is that we will be able to hear the powerful message that Jesus continues to offer to us - that there is no need to be afraid.  That we are called to open our hearts to one another and to speak the truth that reminds us of the path we are called to walk.  This is the story that reminds us that God's love truly does include all.  May we be courageous enough to speak that truth even in the face of the political, cultural and religious forces that sometimes try to keep us separate and apart from one another.

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