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Kathy's spiritual meanderings...

Perhaps it is the nature of my "job", but somehow every Easter reminds me of every other Easter - many flashbacks to other Easter occasions.  When I was a university student, living in Winnipeg, I remember riding my bicycle down to the Planetarium for their ecumenical sunrise service.  It was an amazing thing somehow, to sit there in the company of people I had never met, watching as the sky very slowly brightened - the stars would begin to fade, and the sun would rise.  One year, when our children were quite small, we attended a church in Vernon, B.C., and I remember the sheer excitement as banners and trumpets and balloons were all a part of the processional - it was most definitely a "hallelujah" moment!  And I remember one of the first sunrise services I attended here.  Much to our surprise there were about 50 people showed up - never before, and never since, have that many attended!  We travelled out to Bill and Olga Martin's farmyard and stood in a large circle in one of their fields as we watched the sun come up.  A huge part of the Easter story for me is that experience of the stillness of the night transitioning into the warmth of the morning sun.  Tomorrow a small and courageous group will gather around the fire bowl outside the church and we will take a moment to celebrate the miracle of a brand new day.  I love watching and waiting as the sun gradually begins to brighten up the sky.  And then a few hours later we will gather once again to sing our hallelujah's and to marvel at the gift of life and love and community.  God is indeed good!

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