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Kathy's Spiritual Meanderings...

This is a quote from Thomas Merton - a trappist monk who invites all of us into a life of contemplation:  Every moment and every event plants something in our souls.  I have been thinking about that as I reflect on family connections and family stories.  Last weekend I was immersed in my extended family as we celebrated the 90th birthday of my aunt.  This weekend, although I can't be with them, my relatives will be gathering to celebrate the life another aunt and uncle in Ontario who died within 36 hours of each other in early April.  Life is made up of many of those roller coaster experiences of emotions - the mingling of tears and laughter.  This week the scripture reading is just after Jesus had been crucified.  Two of his friends are walking down the road discussing the events of the past few weeks.  Even though he is the one who comes to join them on the path, they are so caught up in their own grief, that they don't recognize him at all.  We are surrounded with Holy Moments - with experiences of the sacred all around us.  How often are we so caught up in our agenda - in our tunnel vision - that we miss seeing those miracles?  And when we are aware of being in the presence of the Mystery, how is it that we share the experience?  How do we allow the sacred to affect who we are and how we are in the world?  As you move towards this weekend - look around - what do you see, and how will you share it with others?  How will the Holy be experienced in your heart today?

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