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Kathy's Spiritual Meanderings....

This Sunday, the scripture reading we will focus on comes from the Book of Acts. "Then an angel said to Philip: get up and go south...this is a wilderness road.  So Peter got up and went."  How many of us could say clearly - I heard the voice of an angel - I listened - and then I went?  My guess is that it is rarely as clear-cut as that.  There are many, many voices that pull at us - how do we know which is the voice we really need to listen to?  How do we know that this is really the time to head out to that road in the wilderness?  It is one of the reasons that I am ever so grateful that I have a community of people to gather with every Sunday.  It is here that I can pause for a bit - calm the chaos and clear the clutter - so that I can see again all those things that really matter.  We have two opportunities to gather this week.  In the morning we are celebrating the sacrament of baptism.  I am so looking forward to dripping water onto the forehead of Jacquelin, reminding her (and all of us) what a gift it is to love and be loved.  In the evening, I am confirming 12 people into the membership of the United Church of Canada through their connection to Sunset United Church.  It will be a great celebration of community and welcome.  If you are feeling like you are not sure where the path is leading you right now, come and soak up the love in this building this weekend, and allow that love to help you find your way once again.  Life is indeed a blessing - thanks be to God!!

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