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Kathy's Spiritual Meanderings

The first time I went to summer camp I was 9 years old.  I was dreadfully homesick, but the counsellors spoiled me rotten and by the time the week was done, I didn't want to go home.  One of my favorite memories was doing a late night swim.  The stars were out, the water was warm - and all the girls went skinny-dipping!  This Sunday a couple of the staff from Lumsden Beach Camp are coming to stir up our excitement about the upcoming camping season.  They will bring some great energy to our circle - and will bring back lots of camp memories for those of us who have ever been to church camps before.  At our worship meeting this week, we were talking about the connundrum of "Mother's Day".  Language is ever so powerful, and the words we choose to use can make a difference.  The United Church has long encouraged us to call it "Family Day", and so last night we were talking about the realities of some families - perhaps there are 2 dads rather than any moms; perhaps the mom is no longer in the picture because of death or divorce; perhaps someone has long been wanting to have a child but is unable - all reasons to be careful about how we lift up the significance of this day.  So we are going to invite people to be thankful for the family they are connected to - either their family of origin, or their family of choice.  And part of that will be giving thanks for this church family of ours - a family that sings, prays and laughs together - thanks be to God for those who walk alongside us!

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