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Kathy's Spiritual Meanderings...

I am just about to head home to pack my gear to take to Rowan's Ravine for our Family Camp.  Unlike Ross Macnab, the idea of sleeping in my little tent tonight gives me GREAT pleasure!!  I know that I will re-ground myself as I feel the wind on my face, and see the stars in the sky tonight (cause there won't be any clouds or rain!!!).  I will play with the kids, I will have great conversation with the adults, I will laugh and enjoy just being in that campfire circle again.  I am ever so grateful for those who are able to join me there, and for those who will gather in our worship space with Karen on Sunday morning.  As you move your way into this weekend, may you do those things that give you life - and maybe you could sing a note or two of your favorite campfire song!

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