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Kathy's Spiritual Meanderings....

I have had a couple of those "last time" events this week - last meeting of Wascana Presbytery, last meeting of the Sunset Board - all part of the process of letting go and beginning to move towards a new path.  It is kind of surprising to me how much emotional energy it takes to actually let go.  I know - it's not rocket science - but it still seems to be catching me off guard how exhausting it all is!  However, there is also a noticeable lightening of the load.  Now that many of those major public goodbyes have happened, I can relax a bit and focus on some of the personal visits I want to do over the next month.  And I can actually take some time to clear out the chaos of my office where things have just kind of been dropped wherever they landed for the last few weeks - not a pretty sight to see such chaos!  When I was at the family camp last weekend, Gabe gifted me with a sticker picture he made for me - I have a guitar in my arms, music notes and stars all around my head - a big smile on my face - and it is titled "I am a star!"  I put it up on my door into my office to remind me of the love that is so evident in this community - and to remind me that I hold within myself the notes I need to sing and the light I need to follow.  May all of us be so lucky to have that reminder - each one of us is indeed a star - may we hear the music that invites us to dance, and to sing, and to celebrate the incredible gift of life wherever we may find ourselves this next week.

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