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Kathy's Spiritual Meanderings

I am reading a wonderful book right now - Option B - by Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant.  Sheryl's husband dies very suddenly, very unexpectedly, and at a very young age.  Her life is turned upside down by the traumatic loss of her life partner. At one point, just before an event that was specifically for fathers, she cried out that she just wanted her husband back.  A close friend said "Option A is not available, so let's work hard at Option B".  I love the way the author discovers how writing about the vulnerability of her own grief can be the very thing that offers strength to others in their own places of vulnerability.  One of the images that I have been holding onto today is from her reflections on the Footprints in the Sand poem.  Usually, when it talks about the one set of footprints in the sand, people refer to it as either God, or other people, carrying the person  - a reminder that they aren't actually as alone as they might feel at the time.  However, she describes it as a line of people following close behind, matching her footprints exactly, ready to catch her if she falls.  What I love about that image is the acknowledgment that she has the strength to keep walking on her own - and that no one can actually carry the load for her.  But that she is not alone - there are others ready to catch her if need be - others that have her back, so to speak.  As we move our way towards this weekend, take a moment to think about who it is that has been in that place for you - who has offered you the support so that you could "keep on keeping on?"  And send out a word of thanks for those people who have helped you find the path you need to walk.  We are not alone - thanks be to God!

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