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Kathy's Spiritual Meanderings...

I am about to head east for the weekend - to our property near Riding Mountain National Park.  Tonight I will be sleeping in our little tent, which makes me very, very happy!  I love waking up there and sitting in my lawn chair, sipping coffee and watching the sun slowly make it's way over the trees into our little patch of cleared space.  It is a very peace-filled way to start the day - listening to the birds and to the wind in the poplars - very good way to restore the soul!  I am so profoundly grateful for our Tri-Church summer community that makes it possible for me to have this weekend off.  While I am away, Cindy will be leading in worship here, and Emma will be gracing our community with the gift of her amazing singing voice.  I hope that you will consider joining them for worship here at Sunset United this weekend.  One of my friends on Facebook suggested that a good way to begin the day on July 1st, is to take a moment to plant your feet on the ground, wherever you may be in this great country of ours, and give thanks for all those who have walked this land before us - indigenous peoples who have walked here long before any settlers arrived.  Breathe in the air, notice the shape of the clouds, feel the warmth of the sun (hopefully there is more sun than cloud!) and give thanks to the Creator for the gift of life itself.  And then move into whatever celebrations feel right for you.  We are so very blessed to live where we do - may we never take that for granted.  Happy Canada Day weekend to us all!

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