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Kathy's Spiritual Meanderings...

There are ever so many steps on this journey towards my move to Manitoba, and I am about to take another major step - my very last Sunday morning in the pulpit at Sunset United Church.  Sometimes the anticipation of an event is much more stressful than the actual event itself - I am truly hoping that is true in this case as well!  Preaching is such a funny thing.  If I try to be profound, it generally doesn't fly too well.  The best sermons have tended to be the ones that I think are rather mundane.  those are the the occasions where the Spirit can take my words and plant them where they are most needed, and generally those places where my words take root are the least anticipated by me!  This Sunday, I will actually have very little room for anything too verbose.  We are baptizing Hayleigh, and then we are going to celebrate communion together.  Those 2 sacraments are generally described as "the visible sign of God's invisible grace".  Which means that any words I say will feel somewhat like an aside to the actual experience of love that is expressed through baptism and communion.  My intent for this Sunday is to practice living the words that I preach all the time - I will do my best to soak up the love in the room, and trust that that love will give us the strength to keep on keeping on! I hope you will consider joining us as we celebrate the gift of being connected to each other - and trust that we will gain the strength to continue in this process of letting each other go.

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