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Kathy's Spiritual Meanderings....

I want to tell you about the communion that I celebrated last night.  It was in someone's home - not in the church.  It was with grilled salmon and green beans and rhubarb crisp - not the usual bread and juice.  What made it "communion" was the way that the breaking of bread together reminded us of the deep connection we have with each other - and the palpable feeling of a Spirit of Love in the conversation and in the laughter - Holy Ground indeed! As I looked around at the 8 people who were gathered, I reflected on the times we had met one another through:  baptism, wedding, grief support, funeral, hospital visits, board table, fund-raising events, Lenten and Advent evenings, walking the Labyrinth, Longest Night service - honestly, so many places of deep connection just around that one table!  One of the huge gifts of this month is all the visits I am having where I reflect with people on the ways that our lives have touched one another over the past 11 years.  This is my "job" - but it is ever so much more than simply a place where I work.  One of the cupboards that I went through this week was above my desk - one of those cupboards that I rarely went into actually.  Which was quite obvious because it had a binder with Presbytery Minutes from Lori Erhardt's days here!  I did shred those - and my hope is that the next minister won't find too many outdated minutes in my file cabinet!!  As I clear out my shelves to make room for whomever comes next, it feels like a healthy stage to be at.  There are moments that definitely pull on my heart-strings, but it is time for me to start down the new path - and to trust that this community will open their arms and their hearts to welcome new leadership when the time comes.  I still have 4 weeks left in Regina - many more opportunities for communion - thanks be to God!!

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