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Kathy's Spiritual Meanderings...

This Sunday I will be leading worship at Wesley United as part of our Tri-church summer experience.  The scripture we will be reflecting on speaks about the variety of sources of wisdom in our lives.  Sometimes I can get caught up in thinking that I am not smart enough to be the one who is in the pulpit - that surely people are coming to church expecting profound, intellectual stimulation.  I obsess over whether my message will be too trivial or too light-hearted to make a difference in anyone's life.  Those are not healthy or helpful thoughts as I move towards preaching a sermon!  One of the wise women in my life told me many years ago that my task when I am in the pulpit is to speak my truth with heart and with integrity.  I then need to trust that there is Spirit that will carry my words and plant them where they need to be planted.  I believe that there is a kind of synergy that exists whenever people are gathered together in a space to sing and to pray and to reflect on the place of the Holy in our lives.  Synergy is defined as:  the interaction of elements that, when combined,  produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. My words are part of it, but they are not "the whole" of it - the music, the silence, the gathered community are all sources of immense wisdom. Whether you find yourself in church with us, or at your cottage, or enjoying a lazy Sunday morning at home, or wherever you might be, may the song of the birds, the smile of the stranger, the smell of the coffee, the warmth of the sun, and maybe the words of the preacher (!) all combine to remind you of the precious gift of life itself - and may we give thanks!

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