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Kathy's Spiritual Meanderings....

I learned a new spiritual practice this week - using the shredding machine - who knew?!?  Before I came to Sunset, I was the minister at Kelwood, McCreary and Alonsa United Churches.  As often happens in a small town, the United Church is sometimes seen as the church for the whole community - which meant I often did funerals and weddings for people who had very little actual connection to the church.  In those days, I did not own a laptop - everything was done on my desktop computer.  I would keep a separate file folder for each and every wedding and funeral that I did - that is a whole lot of personal information that was being stored in my file cabinet!  The rather bizarre thing is that I brought all those files with me, and kept them in my file cabinet here in Regina (in my locked office so no one had access to it).  I no longer keep hard copies - everything is stored in the hard-drive on my computer. I don't actually remember when I last went into that old file cabinet.  The last two days I have been shredding a LOT of paper.  It has been an intriguing experience of reflecting, remembering and letting go - it has been much more cathartic than I was expecting.  With every file that I shred, I bring to mind that particular wedding or funeral - I am sometimes overwhelmed at how many lives I have touched in the past 22 years of miniistry - and I send out a word of thanks for the gift of so many tender connections along the way.  As you move into this last weekend of July, are there things that you need to let go of to make the journey a little less cumbersome?  May we move into August with a lighter step and a heart filled with gratitude for those who walk alongside of us - past or present - we are not alone - thanks be to God!

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