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Kathy's Spiritual Meaderings...

I know it's hokey but...All my bags are packed, and I'm ready to go...Such an old song, and yet it has certainly been in my mind this week.  My house is becoming more and more empty all the time, and I am surrounded by boxes ready to be moved back to Manitoba.  Another song:  How bizarre, how bizarre!!  Last night there were about a dozen Board members who gathered for a farewell toast to me.  We laughed, had good conversation as always, and I felt ever so blessed to have been connected to this amazing leadership team.  I know it has been a long stretched out goodbye, and most people are wondering if it will ever really be the final goodbye!  Just so you know - this is the Sunday when I am leaving, and it truly is the Last Time!  It felt very poignant today to type in the message for my e-mail address that I am no longer the minister at Sunset United.  I have left 2 other pastoral charges in the course of my ministry, and it is always a bit heart-wrenching, but I know that I have survived those other goodbyes, and I will survive this one.  And you can bet that I will always hold Sunset close to my heart, as I do the other places I have been.  Sunset has seen several ministers come and go, and you have survived it as well - in fact, you have thrived under the leadership of many gifted ministers.  You will continue to do so, because that is who you are: a beloved, faithful, eclectic, courageous, creative community!  Be well - be wise - be kind!  May it truly be so for us all!

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