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Sunset United Church Wedding Policy
Revised May 2009

Congratulations on your decision to get married. We are pleased that you are considering having this significant event in our church. We welcome all who inquire, and we commit to live out our Affirming Ministry Mission Statement of providing a welcome "just as you are". Let us explain the expectations of the church for those who use our facilities for their wedding.

A Church Wedding

A church wedding is two things: a legal ceremony and an act of worship. In it we pray for a sense of God’s presence and ask for God’s blessing on the couple being married and on family life in general. The wedding may be quite large and formal, or small and informal, but recognition of our faith is essential if it is to be in the church.

Since marriage is one of life’s important decisions, we would strongly encourage you to spend time and energy on marriage preparation. Couples can take part in formal Marriage Preparation courses, or spend time privately with the Minister.

The Role of the Minister

The first step in arranging for a wedding is to contact the minister at the church office, 586-3613, to arrange a first interview and the booking of the church. Please attempt to do this well in advance. The minister, in the interviews with the couple, has several objectives in mind. She/he must go over legal requirements, fill in a marriage registration form, and go over the service. In addition (s)he will want to spend enough time to get acquainted with you.

Legal Requirements

License –Before you can be married you must obtain a license from any jeweler in Saskatchewan. A license is valid for three months.
Publishing of Banns – where one or both of the parties to the wedding is active in the congregation, it sometimes happens that the banns of marriage are read in church prior to the date of the wedding.
Witnesses– the Marriage Act states that two adult (18 or over) credible witnesses must be present at a wedding and sign the marriage registration, the marriage certificate and the church record.

The Church Service

The minister will go over with you the elements of the marriage service, including the music, to help you decide about several choices within the service.


The church can seat up to 250 people, but is also suitable for smaller weddings.

Marriage Certificate

Following your wedding the minister will give you a signed marriage certificate. Approximately a year following the marriage, you may obtain a copy of the marriage registration from:
Information Services Corp. of Sask.
Vital Statistics
PO Box 2405 STN MAIN
Regina, SK
S4P 9Z9
Telephone: 1-866-275-4721


To avoid distraction from the sacredness of the wedding service, we request that no pictures be taken during the ceremony. Pictures may be taken during the procession into the church, as the couple returns back down the aisle, and during the signing of documentation. Non-flash photography is permitted by an assigned photographer during the service provided it is unobtrusive. Video recording equipment is permitted if it is stationary (i.e. tripod), without additional lighting, and at the back of the sanctuary.


Your ushers should be on duty at the church door one hour before the time of the wedding to receive and seat guests.

No Confetti or Substitutes Please


You make your own arrangements about flowers.

Financial Information

To support the ongoing ministry of the church, suggested honoraria are: Church (includes sanctuary, sound system, etc.) $200-$400 Minister $100 - 150 Musician $100

Following the Wedding

We are happy to have been asked to share in this important occasion in your lives. We wish you a meaningful wedding service and every happiness together.

After the wedding we hope that you will continue the relationship you have established with this church and will participate in the life and work of the congregation

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