Fifth Sunday After Epiphany

Fifth Sunday After Epiphany

I am sorry to be late this week but at least I made it before the end of Sunday!

I hope that you have been able to stay warm this weekend. I have been spending my days with my cat, inside.

This week's image brings up some interesting ideas: unsearchable. When we live in a world where we all use that handy search bar nearly every day. But to have something that is unsearchable. It won't just pop up with a thousand hits. And that is difficult to put into words. How can we explain what we do not know?

So let's put down the phones, the computers, the tablets, and stop looking for the answers in that search bar. It's not there where we can find truth to those words. It is inside us and in those around us. It is everywhere, no limits. And we should rejoice!

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Peace and love,