Learn from the past - Sankofa/Adinkra

Learn from the past - Sankofa/Adinkra

Today I am talking about the symbol that you see here: the Sankofa or Adinkra. In the Akan Twi language, "SAN" means to go back, "KO" means to go, and "FA" means to look and take. So together the word "SANKOFA" means to go back and take what you need to move forward. The Akan people of Ghana represent that with this image of a bird reaching back to take an egg from its back.

Sometimes we need to go back and remember what we've already been given before we ask for something new. We might find that we already have what we need. We have been shown the way to live.

Dear God, help us to remember those lessons that we have already learned. We thank all those who have helped us on the way. Amen.

Colour your own Sankofa symbol here.

Peace and love,