May 2 - Spray Bottle Art

May 2 - Spray Bottle Art

Good morning/afternoon/evening!

I am trying to stay on top of things this week!

Here is an activity that I thought might be fun to do. It might be a wee bit messy but hopefully now, we can go outside more and enjoy the warm weather (at last).

We talked about Jesus as the true vine today in church and this kinda ties into it but it is also about seeing beyond what we can see.

It can sometimes be hard to really understand what Jesus meant with all of his teachings and lessons. But a lot of them deal with images to show ideas that are hard to really understand. I think this activity fits with that. We have an idea of what might show up but we cannot be entirely sure. We have to have faith and trust (and in the case of the sample, a little bit of pixie dust!).

Here are the supplies needed:

sba 1

You will also need to water down the paint, so it can be sprayed. This might take a bit of trial and error. I didn't actually test it out, so I can't say. It doesn't take a lot of paint, so start small!

Find an image or a letter (probably not a word, as they can be long and might not show up as well). Print or draw it out on paper. Cut it out and use the straight pins to attach it to the paper in front of the cardboard. Spray away! Take away the image and see the silhouette that is left behind!

Have fun! Try out multiple colours as well. Brighten up your space. Check out the webpage here

I hope you have fun this week, the first week in May! Take some time to enjoy the weather and enjoy the new plants that are growing or grow some of your own!


Peace and love,