June 20, 2021

June 20, 2021

I know this is late but life happened and I only just have a moment right now to finish this now.

June 21 is National Indigenous Day. This year seems more poignant that others. There have been many news stories regarding our Indigenous neighbours and how we must do better in our relationships with them.

I wanted to highlight something that I use when thinking about things, it's the medicine wheel. A wheel is a circle with no beginning and no end, which means we can start anywhere on the wheel and move in any direction we wish. It also illustrates how things are interconnected. One leads to another and one depends on the other as well.

I put the colours that are more traditionally used but I will also include a blank one. What colours would you use to describe each section? What words would you use? Make your own medicine wheel to help you move through these tough times.

I found a list of books to read with your family to help you understand, click here.

I hope this finds you well.


Peace and love,