October 31, 2021

October 31, 2021

Hallowed, Hallow's Eve, Halloween.

We say the word "hallowed" in the Lord's Prayer but do we stop to think what it means? And how it is related to October 31st?

Hallowed is revered, holy, or saintly. It calls into view things that we hold dear and evokes a time when these things can feel closer to us.

We talked about the "thin" places in our lives when we are close to that which is hallowed. These places can pull us out of our own world into another.

I like to think that music and books can also create these thin places. Maybe we can all find a thin place when we need to feel close to something hallowed.

I encourgae you to find those 'thin' places and feel close to what is hallowed.


Peace and love,