November 14 - Remembrance Sunday

This can be a tough Sunday. We acknowledge pain and suffering and we also honour those who didn't return or who returned forever changed. When the world is hurting, it affects us all. We can not go on in the same way.

I read a book where the characters abilities were affected by war. Normally, they could walk hundreds of miles in a day but in times of war, they can only walk as fast as any other person. They are unable to do all they can because of the situation in which they find themselves and so they have to move to places where there is no war to continue their calling.

It pains me that we just avoid those areas and ignore things that are happening and that have happened. But I know it is hard. We cannot solve everything.

I hope that you had a moment to reflect about these times. It is a time of struggle for us all.

I read Change Sings by Amanda Gorman in church. It is a wonderful story about how even in the smallest ways we can affect change.


Peace and love,