Advent 4 - Seeking Sanctuary

Advent 4 - Seeking Sanctuary

What is God Like - Rachel Held Evans

This is a beautiful story about seeing God in everything we do and in everything we see and in everything we feel. There is no one way to understand God.

God is love. God is me. God is you. God is all of us.

There is no one correct answer and maybe that's the point. It doesn't matter that we can't see God. God lives in all of us. It is up to us to show the world the love that God has for us.

There are infinite paths to God and infinite names to call God.

What is God like? I think God is like the quiet right before the sun rises. The dawn begins to break and colour returns to the world. There is a moment when I can almost feel something bigger than myself. It is like magic.

For you, God might be something completely different. And feel completely different. And that is perfect!

Find God yourself and see what they are like for you!


Peace and love,