January 23, 2022

January 23, 2022

There are many parts that make up one body.

We all have one body, we understand that each part has a role to play and each role is important to make the body work.

I always picture a puzzle when thinking about this. A puzzle is made up of many pieces and each one plays a role in the whole image. It is not always clear what each piece does until the puzzle is complete.

Maybe take some time this week and pull out a puzzle. Do it together. Talk about how each piece comes together to make the whole and it wouldn't be the same if they weren't all there.

Think about how you can play a role in showing love and care to others. Maybe take your allowance and buy something for the Regina Native Outreach Ministry new mums packs. Maybe visit a locally-owned store or restaurant and support our community. Or help someone out by shovelling the walk. Each role is important and together they will help make the whole better.


Peace and love,