April 3, 2022 - I share love and beauty

April 3, 2022 - I share love and beauty

We talked about Mary who washed Jesus' feet in perfume this Sunday. She wanted to show how much she cared for him. How can we show that we care about others?

I like to knit and I might not be the best. But I like to knit things for other people. I make a throw for a couple and a baby blanket. I felt good creating something and showing how much I care for someone else.

I share love and beauty.....I am love and beauty. Acts of love and beauty can be seen on a large scale and on a small one. You do not need to paint a masterpiece or compose a symphony. It can be as simple as helping someone open a door or as elanorate as making a meal for someone. All is beautiful and all show love.

I have a page here, that you can draw or write about how you will show love and beauty. 


Peace and love,