May 1, 2022

May 1, 2022

Catch any fish?

Fish sustain us. Fishing is an important source of food for the world now and in the time when Jesus asked this question. But as he often does, he was using it as a metaphor. Fish to feed yourself but also "fish" for people. Teach them how to love and how to create a better world.

I don't always like the idea of ensnaring something and making them do things. So I view it as more of a catch and release. Tell others that love is important. Live through that and let them see how it makes your life and the lives of others better. Then send them out. They might listen, they might not. It is their choice.

So keep fishing. Do not force people but instead live by example and show them compassion, care, and love.

So instead of catching fish, think about releasing fish back out into the world.

Spread love not hate. Do what yo ucan to make the world better.


Peace and love,