May 22, 2022

May 22, 2022

May is Asian Heritage Month. In Canada, we need to take time to recognize the rich and long history of people of Asian-descent in Canada, as well as their contributions to Canada and to the world.

This can also bring up feelings of pain and hurt as these people were not always welcomed with open arms. If anyone has had the opportunity to go to Moose Jaw and visit the Tunnels there, particularly the Passage to Fortune, you will know more about this history. If you can, I invite you to do so and experience it.

One Canadian who many of us know is David Suzuki. He has long been a voice for the environment and an activist to reserve climate change. But he did not have an easy start in Canada, as he was interred with his family during World War II and lost his home and their livelihood. He still speaks for those who cannot and pushes us to do and be better citizens of the world. I invite you to learn more about his foundation and its work.

This is only a small piece of how Asian-Canadians have impacted our country and our world. I invite you to do your own research and find out more!


Peace and love,