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Hello from Michelle!

I have been working at the RCMP the past week to finish off a few things before we are sent home during this time.

I am missing all the wonderful kids who come each week to Sunday School and I can't wait to get out the toys and crafts stuff at church again.

I am going to post at least once a week here and a couple times on the Facebook page with some ideas of stuff to do which will keep us connected, even when we are physically distancing.

The resource I am highlighting this week is Illustrated Ministries. This website has great colouring pages that we have used during the summer months.

These pages include some prayers when we feel anxious as well as some activities to do!

Click here for all the pages.

Click here for All Prayers (text form)

Click here for First Prayer

Click here for Second Prayer

Click here for Third Prayer


I wanted to share the first prayer:

Holy God,

You are with us from the spinning planets in our sky to the tiniest microbe that lives on the tiniest paw of the tiniest mouse.

You care for creation and you care for us.

Whether we are out in the world or tucked inside at home, we know that you are as close as the air we breathe, Thank you for being our friend and our comforter.


This relates to what we talked about a few Sundays ago and I have to say that I had a moment yesterday when I felt overwhelmed. And those words entered my mind and I was able to calm down and refocus. Any decision we make will be hard but we will see that it was the right one to make.

Keep thinking about our Sunset family and know that we will be together again soon.

Peace and love,



Written by : Michelle McConkey

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