Advent 3 - White Gift Sunday

Advent 3 - White Gift Sunday

I have always loved White Gift Sunday. It is about giving what we can, no matter the size, to help others. We don't need to know what people have done because it doesn't matter. The importance is we bring what we can. And if we can't bring anything, we bless and honour what we do have and appreciate the gifts that we do have.

It is a moment to think about what we can do differently. I remember going to an Angel tree and choosing to buy a gift for someone who was my age, when I was a child. It made me feel special that someone would get something special chosen by me. It didn't matter that I never saw them or even knew them, I was just happy to do the little bit that I could.

I hope you have a moment to stop and think about what you can do. Maybe instead of getting 2 presents, ask for one and give the other away. Or maybe ask for donations to a charity that you want to support. Every little bit helps.

And remember, size isn't important, the flash isn't important, it is the act of giving that makes it special.


Peace and love,