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Sunset United Church Funeral Policy

Revised March 2020

There are many pieces that go into planning a memorial service/celebration of life.  It can be a challenging time as we work through a myriad of emotions. It is our hope that we as a community of faith can offer you support as you move through this time.  Once a day and time has been agreed on, the minister will arrange a time to meet with you to help you with the planning and to walk through all the details of the service.  Memorial services to take place at the church are booked through the office administrator.  Below you will find pertinent information to help you in making a decision to have a service here:



To support the on-going ministry of Sunset United Church the following honoraria are requested:

            Church building:    $200 - $400

(this includes set up for the service, and building clean up after the service.)

            Minister:                  $150 - $200

            Pianist:                     $100

(if you are working with a Funeral Home, they will be able to deal with these payments)

In cases where the honoraria present a hardship other arrangements can be made.


There will be no Memorials held at Sunset United when the office is closed.  There will be contact information provided for Ministers who have been contacted for funeral coverage.



Sunset is an open concept church where both the service and the reception will happen in the centrum space (the sanctuary).  This space holds roughly a maximum of 250 people seated in rows of chairs. 

If you choose to have a reception following the service, the food and beverages will be served out of Faith Hall, with the congregation returning to the sanctuary.  There will be some tables set up in the back of the church for a limited number of people to sit at, otherwise people are welcome to make groups from the chairs available.

The Sunset Ladies Fellowship are available to provide hot beverages (coffee and tea), juice and water, if requested.  The Ladies Fellowship also offer a beverage and fruit bread option.  If you would like something more elaborate than that (sandwiches, fruit or veggie trays, dainties), we invite you to provide them and the volunteers would more than happy to serve them.  We highly recommend using the Ladies Fellowship, for the cost of their services includes set up for the reception (i.e. making the coffee, putting out food trays, getting plates etc out) and clean up after.

If you choose not employ the Ladies Fellowship, we require you to guarantee that people will be put into place to set up, service and clean up for the reception.  The minister will confirm that this has been put into place and will need the names of those people who will be doing this work.  There is a $25.00 cost for the use of the kitchen, which covers use of the dishes, appliances and dishwasher.  You will need to provide tea/coffee/juice, and any food.

            Cost (Ladies Fellowship):

            Coffee, tea, juice (includes set up and clean up):                                        $3.00/person

            Coffee, tea, juice, fruit bread (includes set up and clean up):                   $4.00/person


            Cost (No Ladies Fellowship):

            Kitchen rental (includes use of dishes, coffee maker and dishwasher): $25.00


Please feel free to contact the office or the minister for more information or if you have further questions.

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