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Task Descriptions for House Groups

If for any reason you are unable to meet your commitment, please find a replacement. Please wear your nametag.There is a First Aid Kit in the kitchen, in the first drawer on the left as you enter.

Coffee Making/Clean Up

  • Prior to church worship services beginning, please make an urn of coffee.  The directions for making coffee are printed on the side of the fridge and are listed below.
    • 30-cup urn of coffee
      - Use 1 ½ styrofoam cups of coffee per 30 cup urn.  Coffee is stored in the moveable counter.
      - The coffee pot can be plugged in on the counter in the narthex where coffee is served.
      It takes about 30 minutes to perk. 
    • 100-cup urn of coffee 
      - For some Sundays when more coffee will be needed, use the 100 cup urn. Your House Group leader will let you know when this is necessary. 
      - Use 1 styrofoam cup of coffee for each 20 cups of water. 
      - The coffee pot can be plugged in on the counter in the narthex where coffee is served.
  • Creamer, sugar, artificial sweetener and stir sticks are in the cupboard above the movable counter – cream pitchers/sugar bowls are in the cupboard above the glasses, which are above the microwave.  You may find fresh cream in the fridge that can be used.
  • Please mix 3 jugs of juice (found in cupboard with sugar).  Use 4 scoops of Tang per jug.  Also fill 1 - 2 jugs with water.
  • Please make 1 pot or thermos of tea.  The teapot is in the cupboard above the stove.  Teabags are in the cupboard with the sugar, etc.
  •  If you wish, one of the portable counters under this main counter can be used for the juice.  Smaller trolleys, kept in the furnace room by the stairs to the basement, are great for transporting coffee pots, cups, glasses, juice etc. to the coffee area.  These with the tubs work well as places to put dirty dishes.
  • The members of the congregation will generally serve themselves, but it may be wise to pour some glasses of juice for the children.
  • Leftover juice may be amalgamated into one jug and placed in the fridge in Bright Hall for use by others during the next week. Likewise for any unused fresh creamer.  Dispose of unused coffee.
  • We have a great dishwasher!  Simply follow the instructions on the sheet on the wall above it.  Turn the dishwasher on after church so that the first load will run more quickly.
  • Rinse out coffee pot/teapot, and wash cream pitchers/sugar bowls to avoid attracting ants.  (Empty the creamer and sugar back into the containers you used to fill them.) 
  • Put all clean dishes away. 
  • Take dirty tea towels and dish cloths home to launder. 

Please leave the kitchen in good order for the next group’s use.  Typical good housekeeping!

Thank you for helping to make worship a richer experience for all.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

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