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Pride Sunday

Pride Sunday

We celebrate Pride this month and it is very special for us as a church because we are an affirming ministry. It is not just wearing the colours, it goes beyond into actions and words.

It can be hard to remember but there were times when people had to hide who they loved and even who they were. It is still not perfect and there is much to do but we are celebrating how far we have come.

I found some pages to colour that make me happy. I love this one because it is for everyone, we should all be proud of who we are! And proud of those who show everyone their life as well.

It is not always that simple or that easy. There are still people who cannot be proud for fear of themselves and the ones they love. It is up to us to use our actions and words to show others that the world is a much better place when people are not scared and can be their own authentic selves.

My hope is that this pride, you find the time to talk with people about these changes and how you can help further the changes. It can be as simple as showing that you care for everyone, no matter who they are and no matter who they love. Be proud and show others they can be proud as well.

Here are pages to colour: proud to be me, you are loved, and pride. Show off your pages on our facebook page or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to Michelle so we can share them!


Peace, love, and pride!


Written by : Michelle McConkey

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