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Sacrament of Baptism

Baptism is the means by which people are welcomed into the community of Christian faith.  While infant baptism is most common in the United Church, adult or 'believers' baptism is also practiced when mature individuals make the choice to become members.  This is also a time of celebrating the gifts of ther person being baptised.  

At the time of the baptism, the minister invites the individual forward, or in the case of infant baptism the parents bring the child forward, to stand around the font.  Water is poured into the font, after being blessed by the congregation.  Water symbolizes immersion in the life of Christ, ongoing rebirth in faith, and the renewing power of the Holy.  When children are baptized, the parents make promises on behalf of the child.  In the case of adult baptism, the individual makes promises in the presence of the gathered community.  Baptism is always done in the context of Sunday morning worship, as the child/individual is being welcomed into the wider Christian community.  After the parents or individuals promises are made, the congregation stands and makes promises to support the person being baptized as they grow in faith.

Once all the promises are made, the baptism is completed with water being poured on the individual's head with the minister speaking the words: "I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit."  Once that is done, the minister introduces the baptisee to the congregation, who welcomes the individual with joy!  Families and individuals are gifted with a baptismal certificate, a candle to light on the anniversary of the baptism, and in case of infants or children, a Family Bible.

If you would like to have a baptism at Sunset, we would be more than happy to make that happen.  The first step is to contact the church office to arrange a meeting with the minister.  The minister will come to your home or you can come to the church, which ever is easier.  The purpose of this visit is to talk a bit about why baptism is important to you, and to walk you through what to expect.   It also gives the minister the opportunity to get to know you better!



 Resource used: The Unofficial United Church Handbook.  Edited by Scott Douglas and Nanette McKay. 2007: The United Church of Canada

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