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Rev. Deb Anderson-Pratt and the Regina Native Outreach Ministry have invited the congregations of the Regina United Churches to a traditional feast. Feasts are important rituals within the culture of our indigenous siblings, so there are protocols that we, as guests, are required to follow. There is a link below to a document that contains the protocols we are asked to follow in order to participate in the feast. These have been given to us by Rev. Deb, and are a reflection of her traditions. If you plan on attending the feast, please ensure that you read and follow the protocols.

Regina Native Outreach Ministry Feast:

Saturday June 4th <—— note the date! It is the Saturday.


Wascana Park, across from the Museum

The whole idea for the feast came up at our last board meeting. The purpose for the feast in my mind is to honor the reconciliation I've experienced happening with our ministry and the churches in the city here.

My first thoughts of reconciliation happening was yeah right! Because in my mind ( your welcome to agree or not) was that it'll never happen because for me my understanding of reconciliation is giving back. Well society can't give me back my language or way of life spiritual or otherwise. However, in my work here since 2016 I have experienced much from the churches throughout openness to learn what little I offer, support in what our ministry puts out to churches to be part of and tremendous encouragement, friendship and love.

Thank you all for walking with us. (Deb Anderson-Pratt Facebook post)

RNOM is asking for the churches to provide the following:

one or two men from each congregation to help with the serving

We would like all United churches in Regina to be involved and participate - by participate I mean ladies (as per tradition) can you please cook/donate food?

List of food needed.

1. Pots of soup

2. Bannock ( I'll either get someone to make it or cook it myself)

3. Candies

4. Berries cooked; blueberries, Saskatoon, Raspberries,

4. Canned fruits in bowls. Boxes of apples, oranges and bananas

5. Crackers (boxes)

6. Juice boxes and bottled water.

7. Pots of tea.

8. Deserts; Cookies, pies, cakes.

Please read the protocol document for what you need to wear and bring with you to the feast.

Please note: Road construction on Sunset Drive will commence May 2nd and will continue for approximately 10 weeks (early to mid July)

During this time parking and access to the church will be via Argyle Street or McTavish Street.

Please feel free to park in our back parking area (be aware of mud at this point in time) and access the church through the back door.

Parking is available on Argyle and McTavish streets or across the road at the South Leisure Centre. We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

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In-person worship services will resume on March 6, 2022 at 10:30 a.m.  Services online will also continue to be available at thru You Tube.

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