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July 11, 2021

July 11, 2021

I was thinking about stress and being confused or angry or frustrated when things don't go the way we want. Rarely does life go the way we want and more often, we are faced with something unexpected.

It is important to learn methods and activities to deal with that stress so we don't become overwhelmed and hurt ourselves or someone else.

I was looking for some simple activities for kids to do to help them relax and focus their energy on something else. I stumbled on Big Life Journal and a few ideas that they had.

First off is called a Goodnight Glowing Cube. We have made cubes in Sunday School before and this is just another version. You can use it at night or at anytime that you need to relax. Build the cube but before sealing it, insert a small glowstick or LED light. (I realize that you might have to have a way to open it to replace the glowing item as it will only work for so long.) Here is the link for the acitviity.

Another option I found are the following 5 activities. Do one or all, or choose your favourite and adapt it to suit you.

I just want you to take time to relax and try to de-stress as things are unexpected and in constant change.


Peace and love,


5 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Children 2048x2048

Written by : Michelle McConkey

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