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August 15, 2021

August 15, 2021

I had the chance this week to go on a trip. The first big trip in a year. I drove up to Saskatoon to visit my brother (where he lives) and my parents (who had come from Victoria). Somewhere I really wanted to go, even though the weather was not great, was Wanuskewin.

We had visited before and it was somewhere that I needed to see again. It is a place of learning and healing.

In 2017, they welcomed a herd of buffalo back to the area. I watched a short video of the celebration. It was winter and dark, but the looks on the faces of those present was amazing. They were crying, they were cheering, they were beating the drum in time to the hooves. And then I started to cry.

This was healing. This was one step forward on the road to reconciliation. This was allowing the indigenous people to feel the strength of the buffalo, once more.

“Wanuskewin is a global centre of excellence in fostering education and respect for the land based on expressions of Indigenous culture, heritage and arts.”

I hope you all get the chance to travel again but don't forget to travel to places that are not so far away. It is time to learn about the past here and experience how we can live better, together.


Peace and love,



Michelle McConkey

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