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Advent 2 - Laying the Foundation

Advent 2 - Laying the Foundation

When building a house, or anything really, it is important to have a strong foundation. When playing Jenga, you need to start off with a solid tower and it is only later that it will all come crashing down.

Starting off with the knowledge of God's love is our foundation. We can build on that and create a wonderful community together and keep it strong by growing and adapting together.

Here is an idea. Have one person start a making up a story. Then someone else takes over and keep going until you have a complete tale. Wasn't that fun? Creating something together? Try again! Make it funny, make it scary, make it however you want.

That is the beauty of a strong foundation. It allows us to build anything we want. Once upon a time......



Peace and love,


Written by : Michelle McConkey

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