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February 27, 2022

February 27, 2022

This is not the easiest time in the Christian calendar because it signals the end of something great into the hardest part of the year: Lent. Jesus goes through a transformation, a transfiguration. If you remember the movie "Love, Simon" he becomes fancy Jesus, shiny and clear. In this changing, Jesus realizes that something  powerful is going to happen. We have to travel through it as well and it can feel like a lot. It weighs us down and fills us with dread. But in this moment, we have to have hope. Hope that something good is going to come out of this time.

Today, we are faced with something that we could never imagine: war. We are being faced with such images that remind us of those pictures in black and white from the 1940s: people huddled together, buildings bombed out and defiant ones who are standing up to this atrocity. It is hard for us to really understand what is happening and why it is happening.

I found a page on CBC kids which helps illustrate what is happening. I hope that it will give you something to be able to share with children.

Ther has to be hope in this time: for us and for Jesus. Something has shifted and changed and we have to walk through it. It will not be easy, but we have to do it anyway.


Peace and love,




Michelle McConkey

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