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March 20, 2022 - I am worthy

March 20, 2022 - I am worthy

We do not always feel like we are enough. We do not feel worthy. We do not feel like we are useful.

I talked about Temple Grandin in church today. She is someone who didn't fit in the usual way. She has a hard time connecting with people and learning in the same ways as others. She was born in a time when people with mental illnesses were institutionalized. Her mother didn't want to send her daughter away. She gave her all the support she needed. Even with that, Temple Grandin had a hard time and lived with the idea that she was brain damaged.

She did not feel worthy. It was only when she started doing things in her own way that she discovered what she could do and who she could be. She is a doctor of animal science. She has published papers, she has invented better ways of treating animals, and she is living on the autism spectrum.

Her teachers and doctors told her that she would never be enough, that she was not worthy. She did things in her own way and did things that are amazing. She is not brain damaged, she is enough and she is worthy.

I have linked a page here for you to fill out. What gifts can you share with others? Draw or write your answers on that page.


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Michelle McConkey

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