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June 26, 2022 - Tricia's De-covenanting

June 26, 2022 - Tricia's De-covenanting

Goodbyes can be hard. It can be the last time we will see someone for a while. It can be the last itme we will ever see someone.

Today, we said good bye to Tricia after 4 years. I don't know about you but I just wanted to hold on tight and not let her leave, but I know that leaving is also something good. There will be new things and excting things for us and for Tricia and her family.

We have to be free to make choices and changes. We do not want to be stuck in one place. We remember everything that went into what formed us but we must be open for new things to teach us even more.

The one thing that we never have to let go and that will always be with us is God's love. Even when we feel alone, even when we are crying, even as we say goodbye; God and God's love is there to remind us that we are important, valued, and cherished.

I have cried a lot in the past few days and will probably cry a lot more. And that can be good for us, crying releases emotions so we don't hold them back. Don't hold it in. Let it go. And don't be afraid to cry. It means that whatever has changed was important to us and we need to acknowledge that.

Take time this week to breathe. Take time to cry. Take time to yell! Feel all the emotions and remember that God will always be there and their love is always with us.

Here is this week's colouring page.


Peace and love and tears,



Michelle McConkey

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