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July 17, 2022

July 17, 2022

Shh...what can you hear? People talking? Mechanical humming? The air conditioner going? The wind blowing? God speaking?

Listening can be hard for us. We want to connect with people and we want to use our words to exclaim our joy. But we need to take the time to just listen. Just let everything else happen around us and be in that moment.

You learn by listening. And after you hear it, take time to understand. It's not always something you need to remember but that it up to you. Then you can ask questions.

I did this a lot as a child. I could sit for hours and listen to people talk about everything. It wasn't always things that I agreed with but I was able to process that information by not talking over them.

God speaks in that still small voice. Sometimes we just need to listen to what is happening around us. I am writing this on Tuesday, with the rain. The rain sounded different as I made my way to work. It was quiet at home, I live on the bottom floor of a 2 storey condo building. I heard the rain hit the puddles as I walked to my car. The sound of the drops hitting my car were soft or hard and I was splashed several times by other vehicles. Finally the wind made the rain hit my face as I walked into work. Now it is a soft sound on the roof. It was the same rain but so different and by listening, I could hear it and it made me smile.

It is not just words that we need to hear but the sounds of the world around us. So take time just to listen. You might just hear God.

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Peace and love,



Michelle McConkey

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