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September 18, 2022 - Welcome back to Sunday School!

September 18, 2022 - Welcome back to Sunday School!

Welcome back to Sunday School! Just a reminder that I will have something for kids to do each week at church, so you are welcome to join us once, twice, or for each week of the year!

I know that things are starting for you in other ways as well. This year is not just a return to "normal" but I hope the start of something new. Take what you have learned and esperienced to make things better in your school, for your friends, for everyone.

In a way, this is kind of like being a good steward. Use the gifts you have to care for something and make it better. It is not always easy and there can be difficulties for us to get through.

Today, I was going to talk about storms and getting to a place of safety. What storms do you remember? Were you scared?

Here is an activity you can do with family or friends (its better with more people) to make your own storm:

1) Have everyone sit in a circle (you can sit in chairs too!). Choose one person to lead the actions.

2) Make sure you can see the leader, you need to copy the actions!

3) Have the leader go through this sequence of actions:

       a) rub palms together

       b) snap fingers

       c) pat hands on thighs

       d) pat hands on thighs and stomp feet; say "boom, boom"

       e) pat hands on thighs

       f) snap fingers

       g) rub palms together

       h) stop making any sounds


Did that sound like a rain storm? Growing louder and finally into silence?

We can be overwhelmed in storm. But remember, it will pass. And you will find that safety and comfort.

I hope we don't get too many storms in the coming weeks, but we never know what will happen!


Stay safe.

Peace and love,




Michelle McConkey

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