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It's the first post of 2023 and it's amazing to be back. I know I didn't post anything for Christmas but there was other things on my mind and I wanted to take time to relax.

Back to was a long journey and some people call them late, the wise ones. But does that make it any less important? Or any less special? Sure these gifts were worth money but it was also that they came with love.

My Christmas was quiet and I got to spend the time with just my parents. I do not remember the last Christmas I spent without my siblings. It was special. It was full of love. And now, I am getting ready to celebrate time with them. It might not be on the 25th of December but it will be no less special.

I hope the wise ones didn't worry that they missed the singing, the multitudes of hosts, the birth. They still came and they still celebrated.



Peace and love,



Michelle McConkey

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