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Febraury 19, 2023 - All are welcome

Febraury 19, 2023 - All are welcome

As an affirming church, we practice an open door faith where all are welcome. This is mimiced in the sacrament of communion where all are welcome to share in the meal.

Today we also had members of Wesley join us in the service. It was a way to continue to build relationship with another community of faith.

I was thinking about the New Creed today and how it starts and ends: we are not alone. Sometimes, we can forget the world outside of the doors of the church. We are not alone. The United Church is across Canada and around the world. We are not alone. We have support in our own city from other churches to do amazing things. We are not alone. God is with us.

All are welcome.


Peace and love,



Michelle McConkey

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