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June 18 - Indigenous Peoples Sunday

June 18 - Indigenous Peoples Sunday

This photo was taken last summer at Wanuskewin, just outside of Saskatoon. I have visited many times but I still learn something new each time. This year they were talking about evidence found that showed this site was used for even longer than previously thought.

We are constantly changing and learning. Our eyes are opened by new experiences and new information. It is when we stop thinking and stop evolving that we become stuck.

I hope that you keep exploring this summer. Maybe you will visit the same places and people again. Take time to look around an dlearn something new. Find new places, change your point of view.

Never stop learning. Never stop growing. This is one of the teachings we learn from our Indigenous brothers and sisters. We should take their advice to keep moving forward.


Peace and love,



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June 18


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