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June 25 - Be a disrupter!

June 25 - Be a disrupter!

You might be looking at the photo and thinking what does this have to do with being a disrupter? Or being someone who is ready to shake things up?

Well, I have been watching some Disney movies of mine (I'm not a heat person so prefer to stay inside). And one series that I recently re-watched was High School Musical.

If you ever went to high school or any school really, there were always expectations of certain people. And you had to fit into one of those boxes or you just weren't cool. Well I didn't fit in and was definitely not cool.

In this movie, there is a song the cast sings which, despite the lyrics on the side, is about breaking the status quo. And the importance of being true to yourself, no matter what.

The church wasn't always just accepted. It had to fight, it had to hide, it had to show people what it was about. And frankly, this angered and scared a lot of people.

Today we have to be that way again. We cannot just accept things as they are. We have to stand up, stand next to, and stand for people. This is a period of great upheaval. We cannot sit down anymore.

So shake up that status quo, be you, and get ready to stand up.


Peace and love,



P.S.: Here is an activity for people to do this week.


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