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July 9 - Be Not Afraid

July 9 - Be Not Afraid

This Sunday, we celebrated the last service of Carolyn and Lee. Both are moving on to new adventures but it marks a change in our community.

It is tough to deal with change and I am still coming to terms with what will happen. If we look at the dating metaphor, Wesley and Sunset have decided that we are okay and have now moved in together to explore if this can be a long term relationship or amalgation.

I was thinking about one of the songs we used on Sunday: Be Not Afraid. Well, I'm sorry but I am. I am not ashamed to say it.

It is going to be different. September is bringing so many unknowns. What is going to happen? Who are we going to be?

But then I think on something else: the New Creed. It's not even the whole thing, just the first line: we are not alone. Not "I am not alone", not "you are not alone," but we. It is easy to forget that we are all feeling a sense of something unknown. But we are not alone. As long as we have God as our centre point, we can come together and find a new way into that unknown. And we will create something even better.

I am still unsure but I need to remember : be not afraid, we are not alone.


Peace and love,



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