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July 16 - Decisions

July 16 - Decisions

Decisions. Each day is full of decisions. What am I going to wear? What am I going to eat?

How can we make all those decisions? We can flip a coin. We can make a pros and cons list. We can close our eyes and pick something.

But what about those big decisions?

I remember when I came to Regina for university. I chose everything I wanted to bring. I made all the right choices. But it was not easy.

I enjoyed my classes. I was starting to make friends but I wasn't feeling right. Something was missing. Did I forget to pack something? Did I make the wrong choice?

One of my professors noticed I was struggling a bit. She asked me if there was something I did before that I wasn't doing now. I couldn't think of anything. She asked about many things and finally hit on church. It was at that moment that I realized what I was missing.

It wasn't something I forgot to pack, it was something that you can't just put in your pocket. It was that community of faith. That moment when I felt closest to God and closest to something more.

So every decision can't be made with the flip of a coin. Sometimes it is something that you already had with you, something you needed to connect to again.


Peace and love,



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Michelle McConkey

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