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July 30 - Surprise!

July 30 - Surprise!

Who doesn't like a surprise? What about a promise? I made a promise today to make a piece of paper jump with just one finger. I might not be the best at origami but I think I did okay with having people watch me as I made a little jumping frog.

Surprises can be fun; promises can be hard. We have to follow through to build that trust with people and to ensure that which was promised is fulfilled to the best of our ability.

A good surprise is something we don't expect but that makes us feel better inside. It is not fun when the surprise is a broken promise.

God loves us; not a big surprise. But he loves us, no matter what. Even if fail, even if we give up on something, even if we break a promise. Because God loves us, we can get back up to keep trying or to do something entirely new. Because we know love, we can share that love with others. Maybe we do it by taking coffee to people at the homeless camp, maybe we do it by ensuring the door is open, maybe we do it with a simple smile.

Let's make love less of a suprise and more of a promise. Promise to love people, the world, everything. And then follow through on your promise!

Here are the instructions for the jumping frog:



Peace and love,



P.S.: Here is another activity to do with kids!


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