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November 21 - Reign of Christ

November 21 - Reign of Christ

Hats are something that we don't wear as often. People used to wear hats every single day. Now, we tend to only wear them when necessary. In summer, we put on a hat to shade us from the sun. In the winter, we wear tuques to keep our head, and ears, warm. In fall and spring, we might wear a hat when it is raining but not if it is windy!

It is interesting to think, however, that we still associate certain hats to jobs: police cap, firefighter's hat, chef's hat (also called a toque), etc.

We talk about wearing many hats and use that image to explain how we act differently in different positions.

Jesus might have worn a hat. And we also picture him often with another piece of headwear: a crown. This is not a fancy crown with jewels and colours but a crown of thorns. Sometimes we call him "King". I don't know if he was comfortable with that image but it sticks none-the-less.

He is a leader and he helped show us how to love and protect one another. Maybe "King" was the closest thing people could picture when figuring out exactly what he was. Maybe it was like us wearing many hats for different things. He was powerful but vulnerable, strong but scared, happy but sad. He wore many hats too.



Peace and love,


Written by : Michelle McConkey

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